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Dhruba Chand Halder College


II Semester-6 Honours classes in 2023-24 Session (under CBCS) will be commencing on 8th March 2024 II
  • 1. a) To be eligible for appearing at the C. U. Examination, a student must have the minimum requisite percentage of attendance, notified by the C.U. Attendance at class lectures should not fall below 75%. Matters relating to discollegiate and non-collegiate students will be settled as per C.U. Rules.
  • b) Students absent over a period of 30 days or more, without any written intimation, are likely to get their names struck off the roll and such students may not be re-admitted.
  • c) Promotion to the next class depends on declaration by the University on the basis of result in the previous examination (Part-I & II) as qualified for appearing in the next examination.
  • 2. The college authority expects the students to maintain discipline in the campus; any breach of discipline may lead to expulsion from the college. Students are to observe the following rules:
  • a) They must not sit on the stairs, stand or shout in front of class-rooms, loiter along the corridors.
  • b) They must not deface the wall of the college building; hang festoons or placards over the founder's statue.
  • c) They must not adopt unfair means in any examination.
  • d) Use of cell phones in class rooms and corridors of the college is strictly prohibited.
  • e) Students should not enter the staff room without permission.
  • 3. Students are not allowed to use the college telephone, except under emergencies. In such cases, the Principal's permission is necessary.
  • 4. Students are required to look up the notice boards on every working day.
  • 5. Ragging in any form, Physical or Psychological, is strictly forbidden. Any effort to do so could result in prosecution and expulsion from the college.