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Dhruba Chand Halder College


All classes will continue in the summer recess on and from 11th June,2024 II The college will remain closed on 17.06.2024(Monday) on account of Ei Ul Adha II
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Programme Course Programme Name Programme Code
B.A Hons English Hons ENGA
B.A Hons Bengali Hons BNGA
B.A Hons Sanskrit Hons SANA
B.A Hons Philosophy Hons PHIA
B.A Hons Political Science Hons PLSA
B.A Hons Education Hons EDCA
B.A Hons History Hons HISA
B.Sc Hons Economics Hons ECOA
B.Sc Hons Geography Hons GEOA
B.Sc Hons Physics Hons PHSA
B.Sc Hons Chemistry Hons CEMA
B.Sc Hons Mathematics Hons MTMA
B.Sc Hons Zoology Hons ZOOA
B.Sc Hons Botany Hons BOTA
B.Sc Hons Micro Biology Hons MCBA
B.Com Hons B.Com Hons GR3A
B.Com General B.Com General GRP
B.A General English ENGG
B.A General Bengali BNGG
B.A General Sanskrit SANG
B.A General Philosophy  PHIG
B.A General Political Science  PLSG
B.A General Education  EDCG
B.A General Physical Education PEDG
B.A General Sociology SOCG
B.A General History  HISG
B.Sc General Economics  ECOG
B.Sc General Geography  GEOG
B.Sc General Physics  PHSG
B.Sc General Chemistry  CEMG
B.Sc General Mathematics  MTMG
B.Sc General Zoology  ZOOG
B.Sc General Botany  BOTG
B.Sc General Micro Biology  MCBG
B.Sc General Psychology PSYG
B.Sc General Computer Science CMSG