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II Semester-6 Honours classes in 2023-24 Session (under CBCS) will be commencing on 8th March 2024 II

VIEWOrdinance XV-D-Sexual Harrassment Act


Being a co-educational institute where thousands of women and men come everyday for teaching and learning, the need for maintaining safety and security and keeping the ambience free from all encumbrances is felt by the stake-holders at every step. Hence, utmost care is taken in the campus so that the College remains an abode of peace and discipline. This year, because of the outbreak of COVID and the subsequent lock-down, and the uncertainty of re-opening of the institution, an organized plan cannot be laid down clearly. However, it has been decided that various programmes related to Gender Sensitization would be organized on the virtual platform that will enable, especially the students, to open up their minds and discuss issues related to their everyday life. Other than relevant talks by eminent personalities, students would be encouraged to participate in interactive sessions as well. Since human health is a matter of grave concern in today’s world, the GenderSenstization Committee has found it necessary to focus on preventive measures that could be adopted in the institution, once the college re-opened.

 Gender Sensitization against Sexual harassment sub-committee

Dr. Manika Rakshit, Associate Professor,Dept. of Political Science(Convener)
Prof. Sudakshina Sengupta, Associate Professor, Dept. of English
Dr. Subhasree Thakur,Associate Professor, Dept. of Zoology
Prof. Abhijit Pathak,Assistant Professor, Dept. of Economics
Prof. Sudeshna Moitra, Librarian
Dr. Kushal De,Assistant Professor, Dept. of Commerce
Dr. Tusi Bhattacharya, Assistant Professor,Dept. of Philosophy
Dr. Tapasree Ghosh,Assistant Professor, Dept. of English
Prof. Nirza Moktan, Assistant Professor,Dept. of Microbiology
Sri Santanu Basu, Clerk
Sri Mathur Nath Sarder , Peon
Atiar Rahman (External Member)
Itu Gupta (Student)
Tanusree Halder (Student)
Sneha Das (Student)


  • Some of the basic needs of our girl-students, women faculties and lady employees of the non-teaching staff are provided for, in this institution.
  • Safety and security are of utmost concern for the authorities and steps are taken to ensure that no untoward incident takes place in the campus.
  • Separate common rooms are provided for the girl students and the teaching, non-teaching lady staff, so that they can rest adequately when they desire. They are kept out of bounds for male teachers and non-teaching staff.
  • CCTV cameras have been installed at the main gates and in the most sensitive areas. Entry into College is permitted on producing valid identity cards.
  • Separate toilets are available for male staff and male visitors.
  • Counselling is an integral part of the College.

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